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[READ] The Rules - Not reading => BAN!

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[READ] The Rules - Not reading => BAN!

Post by Dami on Mon Aug 10, 2009 8:35 pm

    * Stay on-topic!
    This section of DaPro is the Maple Story cheating forum, not a MS game forum. This forum is for cheating related questions only. This is NOT the place to ask if a server is down for others too (for example). We also don't want to hear your life story or how you got banned, so just stay on-topic and try to help others as much as possible.

    * Do NOT beg/ask for hacks!
    If we see a user asking for a hack rather than searching for it, we will warn/ban him and close/delete the thread without warning! Saying that you searched and that you're not begging is still not an excuse to make a thread in which you ask for a hack. This general rule applies: If you can't find what you're looking for using the search and threadlist, it's either not possible or has not been created yet, so there would be no point in asking for it.

    * Don't ask for updates of out-dated hacks!
    The maker of the hack will eventually (or not) release an update so everybody is happy again. Five hundred users asking/begging for it isn't going to motivate cheatcoders in any way.

    * Give credits to those who deserve it!
    If we see a user posting a hack/tutorial that was made by somebody else and he does not give the proper credits, he will get a severe warning. Do NOT claim something to be your own, while it's not. That's low, just not done and it can lead to a permanent ban. Also, don't post hacks/tutorials that the maker did not want released. It's called leaking and it's lame.
    If you have proof a hack wasn't made by the poster and the poster did not give proper credits, report the post using the /!\-button next to it.

    * Give detailed explanations of your problems!
    If you have a problem with a hack and you ask for help in a new/existing thread, nobody can help you if you only say: "I start the hack and it doesn't work! Please help!". Give more detail on what you have tried, what error you get and what the program doesn't do right.

    * Don't bump old threads!
    Hacks may sometimes stop functioning properly or stop working completely because of a game update. This is normal, so if you come across a very old thread (Last post was more than 2-3 months old or so) that contains a hack that doesn't work anymore, don't bother asking how to get it to work. It's most likely not your fault, but the hack's/game's fault it's not functioning anymore.

    * Don't bump your threads or post your question multiple times!
    The only thing this will do is annoying the regulars in this section and that will certainly not motivate them to answer you. Just wait until someone replies. Bumping a thread if it's over 2 days old and nobody has tried to help yet, you're allowed to bump it of course.

    Posting wrong topic in wrong section will lead to a temp ban.

    * Don't be a retarded!
    Act well on this forum ,and you might get access to less public sections. Try new tools for free? Get access to private hacks. Its all up to you how you want to represent yourself. If your account gets banned, and you create a new one the next one is ip ban.

    You are not allowed to post any information taken from these sites to anywhere.

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